5 Popular Hens party games.

January 20, 2016
5 Popular Hens party games.

Here are some popular games TWM - Topless Waiters Melbourne suggest to have as much fun as you can on your hens party or assiting you plan an upcoming event!

1 - Toilet bridal dress. Split the party into a few groups. Hand out 3 toilet paper rolls (dual ply) and time each group for 5 mins. At the end, the hen judges who has made the best brides maid dress from toilet paper.

2 - How well do you know the groom? Before the hens party, get someone to interview the groom and ask him 10-12 questions. Then re ask the questions to the hen. For every wrong answer, the hen does a shot, for every right answer she nominates to give the shot to someone else. (You can even rec...


5 perfect hen’s party venues in Melbourne

February 12, 2016
5 perfect hen's party venues in Melbourne

Here at TWM Topless Waiters Melbourne, we always get asked "Where are the best venues in Melbourne for a hen's party?" Here are 5 that we commonly recommend, in no particular order.

1 - BOND Bar. BOND Bar is simply amazing. From the moment you walk in, you'll be blown away by the sleek design, professional standards of all of staff members, awesome music and fun crowd. Here is a virtual tour - Click here. One venue that will not disappoint.

2 - Mofo Lounge. If you're after a cute little...


5 fun items to include and plan for on a Hen’s party!

March 1, 2016

5 fun items to include and plan for on a Hen’s party! March 1, 2016

Hen’s parties are guaranteed fun! But for even more laughs, photo moments and memories, consider bringing the following to your hen's party in Melbourne.

#1 – Polaroid Camera. These are great cameras for producing cute little photo strips! You can even customise the bottom to say the hen’s name and year! Awesome to pop up in your car, on the fridge or desk at work!

#2 – A mechanical Bucking D. Now if you want a laugh, this is something you need to get. The bucking D is bright pink and just looks odd but hilarious!

#3 – Shot glasses. You’d be surprised at how man...


Confessions of a TWM Topless Waiter

March 18, 2016

Q. Russel, what are your go to party moves or tricks up your sleeve for hens parties, and what are the most popular games? And how do you maintain your 12 pack shredded abs all year around? A – “My best party trick would be the hand stand walk over the hen. The most popular games I see at hen’s parties would be body shots for sure! As for the abs haha, I’m a crossfit coach, so a lot of heavy compound movement and clean eating will do the trick! “

Q - Dane, what’s the wildest experience you’ve had whilst working on a job? A – “I’ve had a few wild and fun gigs over the past 5 years. I’d have to say Billy Brownless’s mock up hen’s party for Triple M r...


The ideal hens party pre-event activity

April 24, 2016

Starting early is essential to a fun & successful hens party! If the hens party consists of a quick dinner and nightclub after, there's no real time to catch up with guests, have a quality chit chat and enjoy the day/night for what it is. It's all just too rushed. So what is an ideal hens party pre-event activity? Our guess would include; - a private quiet space - some delicious cocktails - comfortable seating arrangements - perfect city based location & an experienced venue with professional staff Back Bar cocktail lounge ticks all the boxes and more! Located in the heart of Prahran just off Chapel Street. Kick off your activities organised by Back Bar nice and early in the ...