Topless Waiters

Hotness ripped to the core

Sometimes, you just wish to see the beast in a man and that’s when you crave for hunky male. Topless Waiters Melbourne unleashes the wilderness, all you ladies are praying for.

Big events coming up? Want some hot bods to serve as waiters for your guests? Remember, to pick from our topless waiters. We have an entire package for you. Discover our talented guys with luring physique drawing attention of each and every one present.

Take a look at Dane, his piercingly appealing blue eyes are magnetic. It’s hard to turn away from looks, worth dying for. Brad the big boy is a champion with a cheeky grin always on his face and there is Ben, a first shot you will want to give for a Hen’s party. The smiling hunk is insanely handsome. So is Viet, a man with hunky biceps and a charming attitude. Bruno from Brazil, is a hot pick for all you ladies who want to explore an exotic charm. Kerry, he has a strong built and a super appealing face. Go get Mark, this fun loving man is gentle by nature and similarly Brendan too is a grounded person with great looks. The charming Brendan, is even witty. Casey the womanizer is perfect for a wild event and should not be missed out on, the hunk who prefers to stay cool makes for an impressive entertainer. Dave too is a must choose. This bad guy has a sense of humor, you will love to discover. The athletic Beau is the bold and mischievous guy. Is someone missing out on Dylan? One of the hottest men of Topless Waiters Melbourne, is also a great guy. Confidant and mischievous Joshar is quite experienced. Let’s talk about Blake, this hunk loves his body art and his masculine physique. Some more body art awaits! It’s Shannon, the blonde boy who is a top choice, with a gentleman approach and a big chest. The uber-fit Bronson makes for a hunky guy. This 6’3 man is flawless and a must pick. Look who is here! It’s James an absolutely nice guy who loves to assist. His huge height and poise approach add extras to his appeal.

Each of our men is brilliant, good with moves, vocal skills and humor, Wow! Like these are sincerely enough to make any woman feel butterflies in stomach. Get close to our male topless waiters and let these men steam you up.


Wow wee ladies, Viet is super handsome that’s for sure!
Viet’s smile and bicep size are always reported as amazing feedback, so book him now, just contact us!

1300 233 033


Shanon is not only a fine topless waiter but is an absolute gentleman that treats all lovely ladies with respect.
Book Shannon today, p.s. don’t be suprised if he has the biggest chest at the party!!!

1300 233 033


Mark is one stylish and fun loving gentleman. If you are after someone who can accomodate to all your guests, look no further.
Book Mark today!

1300 233 033


Kerry is super smooth with the ladies!
Kerry has a very powerful and sexy physique. His a regular at our TWM stage shows too!
Book now to get this unit at your event!!

1300 233 033


Joshar oozes confidence and cheekiness!
Can you blame him! This hunk is well experienced and is one of our top booked staff! Get in early ladies.

1300 233 033


James is a super nice guy, always reliable and loves assisting in any way he can.
All the girls adore his charm and huge 6 foot 2 stance!
Contact us now to reserve a booking with James.

1300 233 033


Andrew is Mr Smooth!
He has a great sense of humour, is always up for anything and knows how to make the hen feel special!
Enquire now to check availability for Andrew.

1300 233 033


Dane has piercing blue eyes! Be careful not to stare into them for too long!
Dane has a heap of experience including working for the TV show “Married at first sight”.
He always has a party trick in his back pocket!
Get in early to secure a booking with Dane.

1300 233 033


Casey is definitely a lady pleaser and loves to party!
This cheeky hunk is perfect if your group are up for a wild night! Enquire now to booking Casey.

1300 233 033


Bruno is all the way from Brazil!
Bruno has an exotic accent and is such a gentleman! If you want to add some Brazilian spice to your event, enquire now into booking Bruno.

1300 233 033


Bronson lives and breathes health and fitness. This is reflected in his perfect build!
What an absolute 6”3 hunk! If you want to book this flawless fitness model in for your event, please contact us now.

1300 233 033


Brendan is a genuine great bloke. Super down to earth, and guarantee he will make you laugh with his witty sense of humor!
Book this Adonis today!

1300 233 033


Yes this hunk can be the life of your party!
Brad is an absolute champion and always has a cheeky grin.
Enquire now to get party boy Brad at your next event!

1300 233 033


Blane has a lot of stage experience and knows how to get the party started.
His ink has to be seen in person, and if you’re lucky you’ll see where it stops!

1300 233 033


Blake is a cheeky, fun, party starter that will make any night one to remember!
Standing 6 foot 4, you can’t miss him!
He has some amazing body art to go with his amazing rig! Book this male model today!

1300 233 033


Anth is one of the best blokes we have on the team!
He is super grounded, biceps that peak like mountains and is always up for some fun.
Enquire now to see if Anth is free for your party!

1300 233 033

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