Confessions of a TWM Topless Waiter

Q. Russel, what are your go to party moves or tricks up your sleeve for hens parties, and what are the most popular games?
And how do you maintain your 12 pack shredded abs all year around?
A – “My best party trick would be the hand stand walk over the hen. The most popular games I see at hen’s parties would be body shots for sure!
As for the abs haha, I’m a crossfit coach, so a lot of heavy compound movement and clean eating will do the trick! “

Q – Dane, what’s the wildest experience you’ve had whilst working on a job?
A – “I’ve had a few wild and fun gigs over the past 5 years.
I’d have to say Billy Brownless’s mock up hen’s party for Triple M radio station (click here to see the video) or a Sorrento job where the girls hired a beach mansion and we partied all night in the pool and spa! Those and stage work is also great fun!”

Q – Darrel, why do you enjoy being TWM Topless Waiter?
A – “I love that it gets you out and about, we get to make people happy and smile.
I really enjoy the unique experiences and people I’ve meet that TWM Topless Waiters has given me. It’s just a great fun vibe to be around.”

Q – Brendan, what’s the most popular alcoholic drink at hen’s parties?
A – “I’d have to say champagne for arriving guest and during the day gigs.

For the later jobs and when the girls want to party, wet pussy shots, cocktails and vodka lime sodas are very popular. And of course body shots haha.”

Q – James, How do the girls generally respond within the first 5-10 minutes of you coming out topless in your bowtie, especially you standing 6”4!
A – “When I walk in at first the reaction I get first is ‘what is he doing here’ I then get to introduce myself to that special person usually the bride and then the next question is ‘can I touch?’ sometimes followed by ‘can I have a drink?’

P.s keep an eye out for TWM’s first series of stage show events!
One word – Temptation…