5 Popular Hens party games.

5 Popular Hens party games.

Here are some popular games TWM – Topless Waiters Melbourne suggest to have as much fun as you can on your hens party or assiting you plan an upcoming event!

1 – Toilet bridal dress.
Split the party into a few groups. Hand out 3 toilet paper rolls (dual ply) and time each group for 5 mins. At the end, the hen judges who has made the best brides maid dress from toilet paper.

2 – How well do you know the groom?
Before the hens party, get someone to interview the groom and ask him 10-12 questions. Then re ask the questions to the hen. For every wrong answer, the hen does a shot, for every right answer she nominates to give the shot to someone else. (You can even record or film the groom answering and play it back).

3 – Pin the paper penis on the male cut out.
Each person is blind folded and handed a paper penis with sticky tape or blue tach.
Spin them once and then direct them to the man on the wall cut out (these can be purchased online or at adult shops). Winner is the closest to the bull eyes! Good luck!

4 – Guess the memory!
Have all the guest fill out a short memory or story of them and the hen. Place them on a board or into a hat. Then get the hen to read them out and guess who it was. If they guess wrong there had to be a punishment like a sip of a drink or another dare to complete, if they guess it right, they can nominate someone else.

5 – Body shots!
Get one of the TWM – Topless Waiters Melbourne hot staff members to lie down, place a shot glass on their body or stomach.
Then get the hen to sit on them (straddle position) and do the shot with no hands!
(Please ask the waiter first if this game is ok).