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Basics and Benefits Of Sensual Massages

Why everyone loves erotic massages?

Who doesn’t love massages? It’s relaxing, the scent is therapeutic, candles lit the mood, your muscles free from tension, and you have that particular after-massage glow. Aside from body massage, did you know your other muscles can also be stimulated either for foreplay or pure relaxation?

Sexual massages aka erotic massages are aimed to release built-up tension and stress within the body emphasizing the private areas which can help you relax. This type of massage allows you to experience pleasurable sensations brought by massaging and does not necessarily want you to reach your peak. But if you can’t help it, then why not? But before you head on to your favourite spa, let me tell you about different “massages” you might want to be done to you tonight or give to your partner. Either way, one of you will have a happy ending – the literal kind from getting a great massage.

The Classic Body Massage

This is the classic massage we know though with varying types like Swedish, Shiatsu, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone among others. Using a scented massage oil or flower-scent lubricant, have your partner glide his hands over your skin, gently digging his hands unto your back. This will soothe your muscles, and provide you with relaxation and intimacy. For a duo massage, you can also rub your favourite massage oil to your partner’s body and massage him with broad strokes and run your hands over the whole portion of his back. Enjoy the calming effects without the need to pay more.

Clitoral Massage

You’re missing a lot if you haven’t had one. This massage is great for foreplay or for those times you want to get off but doesn’t want vaginal intercourse. Have your partner prepare a lube and warm-up the area by stroking the vulva. Circular motion massages are best for your vaginal area. Then, after a few minutes of warm-up, he can apply light pressure until you can handle moderate to heavy massaging. For solo play, you can use a massage wand to avoid muscle cramps and hand muscle fatigue. You’re gonna love this and maybe beneficial not only in terms of pleasure but in taking care of your health issues like anorgasmia or sexual pain.

Clitoral massage is beneficial for sexual pleasure and offers health benefits.

Prostate Massage

When it’s time to return the favour, you can get started with the prostate massage. Warm him up by preparing a massage oil and with your well-lubricated hands, relax him with a gentle in-and-out motion on his organ. Slowly caressed the area around, and when he’s comfortable and in the zone, explore the walnut-sized gland behind his penis using your fingertips. Stroke him gently and transition to back and forth motion with light pressure. For added sensation, slip on a urethral stimulator and your man will definitely have a P-spot pleasure on point.

Prostate massage paired with urethral stimulator can result in P-spot pleasure.

Aside from the feeling of superb intimacy, there’s a satisfying feeling when being touched either by a partner or a masseuse. Massages melt away tension and stress and give us addicting feeling every time. You can level up your quality time with your partner with these erotic massages paired with adult toys and massage essentials for pleasure and tranquillity you both deserved after a tiring work in the office. Check out